Ever since it was announced that Rochester was getting a Chic-fil-A, the hype was instant. When it launched, a caravan of cars seemed to stretch from the drive-thru to Broadway. Apparently people really, really like their chicken sammiches. There’s no doubt that a ton of people are thrilled to have another beloved fast food chain in the Med City. And I’m happy for them. I really am. But I do have one small complaint that I have to get off my chest:

That entire parking lot sucks now.

It doesn’t matter of you’re going to ALDI. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting up the Outback Steakhouse or Chipotle. And it definitely doesn’t matter if you’re trying to leave the parking lot towards the direction of Hy-Vee – you will get blocked by a parade of cars coming at you from all directions.

Driving through that parking lot now feels like I'm in piloting an X-Wing through the Death Star. It legitimately took me almost two minutes just to take a left turn out of the lot because cars kept pouring away from that drive-thru. And then more cars entering the lot, most likely because they're heading to the drive-thru. I may have given a dirty look to a car that was somehow driving towards me diagonally. That parking lot is a madhouse now. A MADHOUSE!

That being said, the sandwiches are pretty good.

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