I'm glad I didn't watch the Grammy's but I have since seen the Metallica/Lady Gaga portion and no slight to either artist but the Grammy's failed hard. The band and Gaga sounded good but would have sounded much better if James' mic had worked. Not only that but the presenter didn't even mention Metallica in the intro. The BIGGEST metal band in the world and you can't even introduce them?? What is that?

Well, comedian Jim Breuer had a lot to say about that and I think he summed it up pretty well. Check it out.

Not only that but Megadeth won an award and as they were walking up to accept it, the orchestra played "Master of Puppets." What the hell!?! They couldn't play "Dystopia" or hell, maybe even "Symphony of Destruction?" Anything Megadeth would have been just fine but to play a Metallica tune is just inexcusable.


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