Most people know Jack Black from the big screen. But for another group of fans, when they hear the name 'Jack Black,' they think about songs like Kielbasa, Tribute, Wonderboy, and another one I probably shouldn't mention because there could be children reading this. You know the one. So if you're of of those people, it's time to get excited! Because...

Tenacious D is bringing their Post-Apocalypto Tour 2019 to the Palace Theater in St. Paul on Tuesday, July 30th. 

Hell yeah! I still haven't given their latest album Post-Apacalypto a listen, but I've always wanted to see these guys live, so I'm pretty keyed for this show. It's a slight bummer that it's on a Tuesday, but that's a small price to pay when it comes to hearing The Greatest Song In The World live.

Tickets officially go on sale this Friday morning at 10AM. You can get more info here.

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