Slot machines are the go-to choice for gambling in the United States and it's not even close. Step into any Minnesota casino, and you'll see most guests glued to these bright, noisy machines.

People love them because they're really easy to play and offer the chance to win big money. Recently, four lucky people struck massive jackpot wins at a Minnesota casino, adding to the allure of these iconic machines. Read about the latest winners below.

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How Popular Are Slot Machines

Fortune Magazine says slot machines are the clear choice for gamblers in America.

Slot machines brought in $35.51 billion in 2023, an increase of 3.8% from the previous year. Table games brought in $10.31 billion, up 3.5%. Sports betting generated $10.92 billion in revenue, up 44.5%.

The American Gaming Association says there are 870,000 regulated and close to 600,000 unlicensed slot machines in America.

"Life-Changing Jackpots Happen Every Day"


Treasure Island Resort and Casino is located at 5734 Sturgeon Lake Rd in Welch, Minnesota and has plenty of slot machines to choose from. The 24-hour casino's gaming floor has 40 table games, a poker room, video poker, keno machines, and nearly 2,000 slot machines.

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TI said, "Life-changing jackpots happen every day at The Island" while congratulating four people that won big playing slots. Check out the latest big-money winners below.


How much would you have to win to lose your mind? I suppose that depends on your situation. Some might go bonkers over a $1,000 jackpot, others might not blink an eye. For me, winning $1,000 would be exciting, but I don't think I'd freak out.

I'd definitely lose it if I were to score the huge payouts that these four lucky winners snagged.

Treasure Island Resort and Casino Celebrates 4 Big Winners

Treasure Island says the first winner was playing the "Triple Diamond" slot machine and won $45,000.

According to, "The aim is to land three matching symbols on the single payline. The Triple Diamond symbol is the most valuable and can replace other symbols to form a winning combination."

The next winner scored $34,233.98 playing the Power Push Long de Xiyue machine.

GGB Magazine explains, "With each “push,” a tree at the top of the vertical monitor shakes to drop coins, jackpots, and progressive icons to be nudged off the ledge. At the conclusion of all Power Pushes, all credits are tallied and awarded."

I've never been in a casino when a major jackpot is hit so I'm not sure what happens but I bet there is a loud eruption when a person hits big.

The third winner congratulated by Treasure Island was playing the Wheel Mania Super Link machine and won $31,695.49.

Flip the Switch explains the game, "Super Wheelmania Link VIP Riches is a 3×5 reel set with 50 lines available to play. The game features 9 standard pay table symbols, with four premium and five lower symbols, but one twist is that the premium symbols can feature double symbols, increasing the payouts."

The fourth winner recognized won big money playing the Lightning Link Heart Throb game.

Treasure Island says this person won $26,032.09.

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