Do You Remember Narwhal, the Unicorn Puppy?

In 2019, Narwhal the Puppy was making headlines all over the world! Well, now he's all grown up and the cover dog for a dog calendar!

(Our story from 2019) The narwhal is a whale with a "tusk" or horn. Makes it kinda the unicorn of whales. And that means, Narwhal the Puppy is the Unicorn of Puppies! You may remember a narwhal in the movie Elf.

What's up with the pup? In Jackson, MO, Mac's Mission is a group that works with dogs that require extra help. Maybe it's a birth defect, an injury, or abuse. A lot of shelters just don't have the funds for the extra care, which means they're put down.

According to Mac's, Narwhal is dachshund and wiener dog and golden retriever. Oh, and super cute. The vet said the front tail doesn't have any bone, so no wagging. Bummer, Narwhal.

From the Washington Post,

Cape Small Animal Clinic’s Brian Heuring, who examined Narwhal, said he’s used to pets with cleft palates or extra toes but hasn’t seen anything like the misplaced tail in 16 years of veterinary practice. He’s confident, though, that the oddity won’t affect Narwhal’s quality of life.

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