Minnesota, we need to have a talk. I know plenty of people in our beautiful state love to rock out - some more than others! But exactly how hard do we rock compared to our neighbors in the Dakotas, Iowa, or Wisconsin?

Vivid Seats recently looked at the population of each state in the county compared to the number of hard rock and metal concerts that take place there every year. And based on their results for the North Star State...we can definitely do better, ya'll.

First off, the most rockin' state in the country is...North Dakota, which has 17.7 hard rock shows per capita. Huh. As someone who's from there, I can say that they do have a lot of rock shows, but the entire state also has the population of a Minneapolis suburb...so those results might be slightly skewed.

Meanwhile, Minnesota only has 2.9 hard rock shows per capita - talk about a steep drop off! On the bright side, we're at least in the Top 20 when it comes to having the most rock shows every year, coming in at #18. None of our neighboring states ranked in the Top 20, so take that! Still...we totally need to book more rock shows. We can definitely rock harder, I swear!

You can take a look at the full results here.

Source: Vivid Seats

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