When we started staying in our homes, it became pretty obvious we needed a way to quickly and easily communicate with family and friends. Enter Zoom, a free platform for families to have "conference calls", but instead of a phone line, it is video.

It wasn't that long ago many stories came out about the lack of security on Zoom. There were stories of strangers jumping into family chats and mucking things up...and in some cases, concerns about private information becoming public.

Today on Rochester Today, Andy Brownell and I had a conversation with John Barucz, a computer science teacher with Rochester Public Schools and Winona State. We asked him if Zoom was safe, and he said they've fixed the major problems, so unless you're passing state secrets back an forth, you should be good. But scroll down to listen to the podcast to see what you SHOULD be watching out for.

computer kid
Grzegorz Oleksa

We also talked about a VERY cool laptop donation program John Barucz coordinates. They need donations (laptops from at least 2001 and in good enough condition you'd give it to a friend...so no syrup between the keys).  Click HERE to see how to donate cash or laptops.

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