There's a rumor going around that a popular restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota could be adding breakfast to their menu. People seem pretty pumped on social media so hopefully we aren't all totally wrong about this.

The Tap House West End shared on social media an interesting picture and said "Hmmmm…. Wonder what this means???" with the hashtag coming soon. And everyone in the comments seems to be thinking that "what this means" is breakfast!

The picture appears to be pancakes smothered in syrup with blueberries piled on top. It looks so dang good. It also definitely seems to imply that breakfast is coming. Or maybe they'll focus more on a "brunch" menu.

This also makes me wonder what they'll do about their hours at The Tap House West End when this breakfast/brunch menu launches. Right now they open at 11 AM which is too late for breakfast/brunch to start. So I'll be curious to see how early they decide to open for this new menu.

I'm also curious about what other restaurants in the area you think should serve breakfast. Plenty of comments on The Tap House's post said they're excited for another breakfast option. So chat with me on our free app and tell me what other restaurants you think should add breakfast and/or brunch to their menu.

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In the meantime, before The Tap House starts their breakfast menu, keep scrolling for other restaurants in the area that serve great brunch.

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