There have been plenty of studies about how Rochester is a great city to live. We may not be as populated as other major cities like Minneapolis or Chicago, but the Med City is overall a great place to be a nurse, enjoy tasty local food, or for just living in general.


And now, there’s a new study that continues giving us all credit just for living here! The website SmartAsset recently did a ranking of the most ‘livable’ mid-sized cities in the country, and Rochester claimed the #10 spot.

So why is Rochester so ‘livable’? For one thing, the study cites average home payments at $970 per month, which is actually the best score in that category in the Top 10. That is, you know, if you can even find an affordable home here.

Another reason why we have it pretty good up here compared to other cities? Our commute time. It takes the average Rochesterian (do we call ourselves that?) about 16 minutes to get to work, which they say helps make for a stress-free morning. That being said, it only takes me about 8 minutes to get to work in the morning, but I still find a way to glare at the slow-as-molasses minivan driving in front of me at 20 miles per hour on Broadway. Still, I'll take that over a 45-minute traffic jam commute any day.

Maybe we should use this for our new town slogan? “Rochester: It’s Livable!”

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Source: SmartAsset

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