I bet everyone has done this at least once in their life: eating while driving. Whether it was just a little snack or a plate of spaghetti (you've seen that video, right?) we've all done it. But is it illegal to eat and drive in Minnesota?

The short answer to the question is yes and no. I know, super helpful.

I've never felt comfortable enough to eat a messy burger while driving but fries or a bag of chips I do every once in a while. Some people get a little wild with what they eat while driving and that's why the rule of if you can eat and drive or not, is a little hairy.

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I did some Googling to see what's up with this law (or lack thereof). One website I looked at was a law firm called Heidari Law Group. They say, "No specific law makes it illegal to eat or drink nonalcoholic beverages behind the wheel." However, there are certain scenarios where you could get pulled over for eating and driving. Another website I looked at was an insurance agency called Trusted Source. They say, "if you're swerving or driving erratically while eating that burger, be prepared to get pulled over and cited for reckless or careless driving."

So while there is no specific law saying you can't eat and drive, you can get pulled over for distracted driving if the officer deems you to be a threat. You could be on your phone or you could be eating a taco, if you're swerving and making the road a dangerous place, you'll likely get pulled over.

Long story short, if you're just munching on some chips, not a big deal, but if you're devoting most of your attention to that burger you just ordered, just eat it at the restaurant or in your parked car.

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