In This Moment continue to build the anticipation for their Ritual album with the release of a new song and video for "Oh Lord." The band has been playing the track of late at shows, and now there's a visual component for the song that can be viewed above.

Singer Maria Brink was back in the director's seat for the clip, directing the promo along with Robert Kley. In the video, Maria is a vision in white as she writhes on a bed in a rundown house with religious imagery all over the dilapidated walls. Meanwhile, several white veiled and robed women appear to performing a ritual with a glowing white ball as they hope to save Maria's soul.

The track itself is a bluesy stomp of a song, with Brink's muted vocals hovering over the swagger filled instrumental backing until almost midway into the song when Brink's vocals become clearer and more defined.

As stated, "Oh Lord" can be found on the Ritual album, which now has a confirmed release date of July 21 via Atlantic Records in partnership with Roadrunner Records. The album is currently available for pre-order here while there are also merchandise bundle options available at this location. All pre-orders come with "Oh Lord" as an instant grat track with additional songs expected to made available as instant grat tracks prior to the street date.

The band worked on the album with their longtime producer Kevin Churko. In addition to "Oh Lord," reported highlights of the disc include a dramatic reimagining of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" and a collaboration with the Metal God himself Rob Halford on the track "Black Wedding."

"It's like we're going into the next realm," says Brink. "I had a conviction of feeling empowered in my life and with myself. I always write from a personal place, and I needed to share that sense of strength. I've never been afraid to hold back. Sometimes, I can be very suggestive. However, I wanted to show our fans that this is the most powerful side of myself and it's without overt sexuality. It's that deeper serious fire inside of my heart."

"When fans hear this, I want them to feel the music, whether they take away sadness, anger, or happiness," adds lead guitarist Chris Howorth. "As a kid, I remember listening to records and putting them on repeat over and over again. I'd love for the world to listen and absorb this as a piece of work." Check out the track listing for the Ritual album below.

In This Moment have already started touring in support of the album and have worked some new material into shows. See the remaining dates on their current run as well as their upcoming summer dates here.

In This Moment, Ritual Track Listing

Oh Lord
Black Wedding (Featuring Rob Halford)
In the Air Tonight
Joan of Arc
River of Fire
Witching Hour
Twin Flames
Half God Half Devil
No Me Importa
Lay Your Gun Down

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