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It's one of those things. If you know, you know. If you don't, you'll be surprised to learn it. And since it's Mental Health Awareness Month, now's the time to find out schools across Olmsted County, including Rochester Public Schools, have mental health services inside the schools.

Why Would My Child Need Mental Health Services

Maybe they aren't sleeping much, or sleeping ALL the time. Their eating habits may have change. How they deal with their friends could have changed. Are they acting out more, or maybe they're super quiet. These are all signs something may be up.


You might have thought it was just puberty, or a phase. And it could be. As a parent, you're more in tune with your child, so I'm not saying there IS a problem, I'm saying if you're worried about it, it's worth adding to your basket of answers.

According to Family Service Rochester,

Early identification and intervention can improve a child’s school adjustment and increase their ability to succeed. Mental health services co-located in the school setting have been shown to improve academic, social and home functioning.

Who Does the Therapy?

Family Service Rochester (FSR), Fernbrook Family Center, and Zumbro Valley Health Center have partnerships with all of the school districts in Olmsted County to provide mental health services in the school setting.


Why Do Mental Health Services IN the School?

School-based services means your child is able to meet with the provider in their school setting, which increases the accessibility for students to receive needed help by eliminating barriers such as transportation and lack of/inadequate insurance.

This is a year round program, so therapists are able to meet with children and their families during the summer months and over school breaks.

Courtney Hale

How Do I Get My Child Into A Therapist?

The first step is to connect with the school counselor/school social worker to talk about your concerns for your child’s mental health and they will help you make a referral to the mental health therapist at your child’s school.

If you’re interested in making a referral during the summer months, you can reach out to your school’s administrators or the agencies listed above and they will connect you directly with the correct therapist.

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