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Are Snuggies still in? Because Ikea just came out with their own version of a Snuggie. It's a 'wearable pillow' called FÄLTMAL. When it's compact, it's a pillow, when you unzip it and unroll it, it's a wearable quilt.

I don't think Snuggies are still in, I got rid of mine a while ago, so I'm not sure why Ikea is coming out with this idea now. Honestly, though, it looks like it would be really nice for camping. It's made out of Nylon, the same material a lot of sleeping bags are made out of, so I think it'd be great for hanging out by the campfire. Dang it, am I a fan of these now?

They're not super expensive, $34.99, which is less than I was anticipating. It just looks so silly though, who would wear that around their house? The pillow seems nice but where would you use it other than camping?

The description of the product on Ikea's website says:

A cushion/quilt that keeps you warm and comfy when traveling, relaxing in the hammock or cuddling up in the sofa. The genius, button fastening keeps it from sliding off when you reach for your coffee.

I would never use this to cuddle on the couch. The buttons sound like a great idea because that was the problem with Snuggies, you always ran the risk of them not sitting right since the back is totally open.

To me, the only useful time to use this would be on camping trips. Or even on a long flight! This would be super nice for a long flight.

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