Tax season is finally over, but some Minnesotans might be eligible for another refund. If you filed your taxes with TurboTax and earned less than $34,000 last year, you might be able to get some of that money back.

That's because people making under $34,000 a year should be able to use the free version of TurboTax. But if TurboTax directed you to file under the paid version, you might be able to score a refund.

Call 888-777-3066 and ask to speak to a TurboTax representative. According to ProPublica, many other taxpayers were successful after requesting a refund, so it's definitely worth a try. One taxpayer recommends mentioning ProPublica when requesting a refund.

So why is TurboTax dishing out these refunds? Due to an 'error' on the website, taxpayers who qualified for the free version may have still been directed to the paid version. I filed my taxes with Turbo, and remember being annoyed when I realized I had to fork over even more dough.

So if you qualify, go and get that money back!

Source: Lifehacker

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