I'm sure many of have walked through a parking lot and spotted a dog chilling out inside its master's car. 9 times out of 10, the window will be rolled down and the dog's head will be poking out, because dogs are awesome. But sometimes, dogs will be left inside the car with the windows up. The scary thing is that if it's a hot summer day in Rochester, it only takes mere minutes for a dog to overheat and die. (Imagine yourself wearing your winter coat inside a hot car with no AC. Not fun.)

Remember, pet owners: Don't be an idiot and leave your dog in a hot car.

But if you happen to encounter a dog trapped in a hot car at any point this summer, here's what you can (should) do:

- Call 911 or the local police
- Describe the vehicle, its location, its license plate number, and how long you think the dog has been inside the car
- Don't break into the car to rescue the dog, because you could end up facing criminal charges
- If the owner comes back while you're doing this, make sure to let them know that they're a terrible person

That last one is up to you. Hopefully by now, most people should know that whether it's a dog, a baby, or whatever, leaving a living creature inside a hot vehicle is something you just don't do. But if you do happen to be put in this situation, here's your chance to be a hero. You just might save a dog's life.

Credit: WCCO

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