When I first moved to Rochester, I remember asking people what local pizza joints they recommend, because pizza is my spirit food. It’s just…the best. Today, I was able to try another place for the first time: 5 Dollar Pizza on 7th St NW.

And let me tell you, it didn’t just live up to the hype – it did a triple backflip over the hype. I’m not really sure what that means. This is good pizza.


I got myself a box of cheese and immediately started going to town on it. The sauce is delicious, the dough is nice and soft, and the cheese is a gooey and greasy delight. And that price, man. For five bucks, you really can’t go wrong.

They have wings and bread sticks that I might try next time, but this was good enough to become a regular stop for me. It’s a lot harder to hate yourself for accidentally eating an entire pizza when you only gave up a Lincoln for it.


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