Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Students attending Rochester’s three public high schools and Lourdes Catholic High School, and at least one of the city's middle schools took part in a nationwide demonstration today by walking out of class this morning for 17 minutes in a protest against gun violence.

Hundreds of students at the Rochester schools and about 2800 schools throughout the country walked out of class at 10 AM to commemorate the 1 month anniversary of the shooting rampage at a school in Parkland, Florida that resulted in the deaths of 17 people. Each minute of today’s walkout was dedicated to each of the victims of the school shooting.

Many of the speakers at today’s events express support for measures that would restrict access to guns through more rigorous background checks, higher age requirements and the outright ban of so-called assault rifles, while others carried signs memorializing the shooting victims.

The Rochester School District earlier indicated that students participating in today’s walkout would not face any punishment as long as the demonstrations were non-violent.