The 2018 NFC Championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles was brutal for so many reasons, spoiling a pretty historic run from the Purple that many fans expected to culminate with a Super Bowl at home. But one thing that’s leaving Vikings fans pretty sour about the whole ordeal is the utter classlessness of many Eagles fans.

While I think it should be expected that Philly sports fans are rude, obnoxious, and at times straight garbage, they still rubbed a lot of Minnesotans the wrong way by spouting off profanities and throwing objects at fans and players. It definitely sucks that it feels like the bad guys won yesterday. Not to mention the fact that in two weeks, Minneapolis is going to be invaded by two of the worst fanbases in sports (don't think I've forgotten about you, Boston). Puke.

But one Minnesota fan has idea on how to exact revenge on Eagles fans, and she’s doing it in the most Minnesota way possible.

Vikes fan Jessica Brennan Leibrock of Farmington is trying to get fans to donate to the Eagles Charitable Foundation, which helps over one million low-income children throughout Philadelphia. I guess the idea is to show certain Eagles fans that no matter how trashy their antics are, Minnesotans will in turn kill them with kindness. TAKE THAT.

The goal is to raise $38,000 for the charity. If you're so inclined, you can donate here. What do you think? Is killing Eagles fans with kindness the best form of revenge? Is it even possible to kill that which cannot feel?

Source: WCCO

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