I've been asking myself how this happened at all for days now! It looks like we finally have an answer.

Do you remember how the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters scaled US Bank Stadium during the last Vikes game? It seems that we've got an answer as to how the huge banner was snuck into the stadium at all! Think about it - there are a ridiculous amount of rules and regulations as to what you can and can't bring into the stadium, HOW DID SOMEONE SNEAK SOMETHING THAT LARGE IN!?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Protestors rappel from the ceiling at US Bank Stadium. Getty Images

The answer: THEY HAD TICKETS. Imagine that! Also, a pretty crafty plan.

KTTC is reporting, "A statement Tuesday by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and stadium manager SMG says protesters went through security Sunday with nylon rope, carabiners and a lightweight banner." This likely means changes in security policies too.

At the same time, KAAL adds everything was, "[...] concealed underneath winter clothing, according to the stadium."

No charges against 32-year-old Karl Zimmermann Mayo and 26-year-old Sen Holiday (he men who hung from the rafters) have been filed, yet. Neither would discuss the matter during a press conference yesterday.

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