I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to experience space travel at some point in my lifetime. How sweet would it be to book a flight to the moon for a little R&R? Maybe one day I'll be able to retire on an asteroid or something. Hey, you never know!

While that's sadly just a pipe dream for now, our friends at NASA do have a pretty cool opportunity for Minnesotans to at least have their names travel through space:

That's right, you can register your name to be sent along with the 2020 Mars Rover for its scheduled data expedition. After it arrives, the Rover will be collecting rock and soil samples for one Mars year (which is a little under two Earth years).

All you have to do is go to NASA's website and register your name, country, zip code, and email address. You can even print off a nifty boarding pass as proof of your name's upcoming adventure.

While it's definitely not as life-changing as getting to experience interstellar travel, it's still a pretty rad idea. Safe travels!

Source: Twitter via Lifehacker

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