While most Minnesotans might be a little sad to see the end of August, it does mean football is back-- and that just might help Minnesota's dairy farmers.


Now, right off the bat, let me say that when it comes to the intricacies involved in ag prices, I'm not even remotely an expert. However, I have a HUGE appreciation of everyone involved in agriculture today.

That stems from having been lucky enough to have worked with Bob Bosold back when I was on the air in Wisconsin. Bob's the longtime farm director at WAXX in Eau Claire. He's in the Wisconsin Broadcasting Hall of Fame and is also a respected member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.

I'd sometimes fill in for Bob when he was out on location and I learned a lot. The biggest thing I still remember, though, is when someone would say, "Why do I care about ag issues? I'm not involved," and he would respond, "If you eat, you're involved in agriculture!"

So, having said that, I heard a Brownfield Ag News report (which air weekdays between 5 and 6 a.m. here on Quick Country 96.5) that mentioned how dairy prices, which are down this year, might be boosted by.... football?

That's right, football. So how does that work? Well this Dairy Star ag report concurred, saying that because once the football season arrives, Americans eat more pizza than in other times of the year. And what's a pizza without... cheese?

"Cheese purveyors describe demand as still not good enough but are hopeful that as schools start up and football seasons begin, institutional food service sales may improve and pizza sales may start to draw down mozzarella stocks," the report said.

And, seeing as Minnesota is the 4th largest cheese-producing state in the nation, producing 62-million pounds of cheese in June alone, perhaps when the Vikings take to the field at US Bank Stadium, they might also be providing some better prices to dairy farmers-- providing you buy a pizza, that is.

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