2019 was the first Creepy Doll Contest at the History Center of Olmsted County. It kind of blew up so it's become a tradition every October. This year's contests have been released and it's our job to decide which is the creepiest.

Do you believe that inanimate objects can be haunted? I've seen people selling creepy dolls online saying that the doll is haunted. I don't know if these dolls are haunted or not but I do know that they're all pretty dang creepy. I would not feel comfortable with one of these in my house.

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How the Creepy Doll Contest Works

If you would like to participate in the Creepy Doll Contest, there are a few options.

Option 1: You can vote online via the History Center of Olmsted Counties Facebook or Instagram.

Option 2: You can visit the creepy doll exhibit which is on display now and vote in person.

Either way, voting runs through October 22nd. Then on October 23rd at 6 PM, there's a Creepy Doll Cocktail Party! You'll get to see the dolls, see last year's winners, there will be live music, and food catered by Cameo. If you're interested in tickets you can find them HERE.

Now let's check out this year's contestants.

Creepy Doll Contest is Back with 9 Contestants That Will Give You Nightmares

The History Center of Olmsted County has released the 9 creepy doll contestants for this year's Creepy Coll Contest. Meet the dolls and decided which one is the creepiest.

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