I'll be the first to admit that I write about food a lot in my blogs. I like to eat, sue me. But as I write up blogs like this one, I'd like to also point out that when someone makes/serves up something amazing like this, I want to recognize it and put my stamp of approval on it because they deserve it. Especially when it's done locally.

I support local businesses as much as I my budget can afford, and today I'd like to tip my cap to Pappy's Place for introducing me to one of my new favorite meals...

I present to you, their Juicy Lucy Meatloaf:

TSM Rochester SM
TSM Rochester SM

Mmm Mmmm! They had me at Juicy Lucy.

Seriously though. I've never heard of anything like this before, but when I saw them tease it on their Facebook page the other night I had to call my wife and ask her out to lunch. This bad boy is stuffed with Pecan Wood Smoked Bacon and American Cheese then Glazed with their own Brown Sugar Glaze and served with mashed potatoes.

It's a perfect mix of sweet and salty, and probably one of the best meatloaf's I've ever had. Even my wife (who makes a mean meatloaf herself) acknowledged how good it was. The only knock on this meal, and I explained this to our server Amanda after I finished it, is it doesn't come with enough of it. I'd gladly pay an extra couple bucks for a bigger/second slice of this thing, it's that good.

I asked Amanda how often it's served, and she said not very often, like every other Thursday. Sorry, but I think it needs to be added as a permanent menu item. Of course, I say this not knowing how much preparation is needed to make it, but it certainly deserves more appearances than twice a month! Just saying...

Kudos to Chris in the kitchen for creating this dish. I'll definitely be back to Pappy's Place with my wife for another lunch date soon for my next slice of Juicy Lucy Meatloaf!

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