The Packers have been on a roll since week 12 against the Eagles and it doesn't look like they're going to stop anytime soon. In fact, I guarantee a win this weekend! The Packers beat the Giants Wildcard Weekend. Pretty handily, I might add. 38-13. The Giants had beaten the Cowboys twice this season. The scores were close. 20-19 and 10-7 but a W is a W.

Now, you take what the Packers did to the Giants and what they've done since I got my tattoo (7-0 since the tat) and add the fact that the Cowboys have had a week off. Sure it's good rest but a bye week can sometimes hurt you.

Now, the Packers Super Bowl run in 2011 had the team on the road for all three games. In that run they beat the Eagles, Falcons and Bears and went on to win the Super Bowl 45 over the Steelers.

Believe me, I'm not taking anything away from the Cowboys. They're a great team with some big time players but not a lot of playoff experience.

Also, I've been calling "Daggers" all year. Wayne Larrivee, the Packers radio broadcaster's big line is, "And THERE is your dagger!" Whenever the Packers put the game away. So, I've been using that on Facebook and over the last 7 weeks, quite a bit and the Packers have won every time. Take 3 things from this post:

  • When I call "Dagger"...the game is over and the Packers win
  • The tattoo is good luck for the Packers
  • I will catch a lot of hell if they lose against the Cowboys

And THERE is your DAGGER!

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