This weekend, Nirvana celebrated an awesome anniversary! It's officially been 25 years since their monumental and genre changing album Nevermind was released. Remember the baby on the famous album cover? He's 25 now (if you can wrap your head around that!) and decided to honor the anniversary in a cool way.

Photo: John Chapple /
Photo: John Chapple /

His name is Spencer Elden, and he currently lives in California. While he wanted to do the commemorative shoot naked, the photographer swayed him to choose not to.

According to, "Elden was four months old when his father’s photographer friend, Kirk Weddle, asked if he wanted to make some money by throwing his kid in a pool. After Elden was placed in the pool for a few photographs, his parents were “paid $200 and went to eat tacos afterwards,” Elden said. “No big deal.”[...]" I bet they had no idea what this would turn into at the time!

Check out more photos from Spencer's shoot here!


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