I've been impressed with Highly Suspect based on what I've heard from them so far. "My Name Is Human" has been a great grungy track and the first single from their latest album "The Boy Who Died Wolf".

It's now looking like their second single is going to be "Little One" - the video of which just came out this week. The song kind of reminds me of a late '90s Everclear-style jam mixed with early Audioslave (you can totally imagine Chris Cornell covering this song if you listen for it). I dig it.

I also love a music video that tells a story, even if you're not quite sure what's really going on. I guess this might be about a former criminal in hiding who owns an antique store? Either way, it's pretty entertaining, and must have been fun for the dude to get filmed freaking out like that.

The song has NSFW language, by the way. Just looking out for those of you with virgin ears. Check out the full video and song below:

Credit: YouTube

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