For many people in Minnesota, the holidays are a time of giving; not just with our families and friends, but to those in need. There are many causes to support over the holidays, but I find it extra fulfilling when you’re able to do some good on a local level. That’s where the Salvation Army comes in.

Once again, the Salvation Army is bringing back their annual Toy & Joy Shop, and it’s a cool opportunity for anyone wanting to help out a local family here in Rochester. Volunteers are paired with parents who need assistance and take them ‘shopping’ at the Salvation Army Community Center, helping them find age-appropriate Christmas gifts for their kids.

For a volunteer, that has to be a pretty cool feeling. I’m just thinking of all the amazing childhood memories of Christmas I had with my family that I still cherish to this very day. Doesn’t every kid deserve that? If you’re interested in volunteering, you can check out the Salvation Army North’s website to view the full shift schedule and sign up.

And if you’re one of these families needing assistance, you can call 507-288-3663 to set up an appointment (the link below has all the info too).

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