according to the National Weather Service. As much as 5 inches could fall through next Wednesday, not the news area farmers wanted to hear as they are running late for planting. 

According to the National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center, the heaviest rain is expected Saturday into Sunday in SE Minnesota. Even with the temps in the 80s on Thursday, the National Weather Service isn't very concerned by the possibility of any severe weather in the forecast except a portion of extreme SE Minnesota Friday night. 

The NWS is forecasting just garden variety thunderstorms bringing the all the rain to our area.

As far as area farmers are concerned according to the National Agricultural Statistical Service, only 21% of corn in Minnesota has been planted as of Monday, May 13th. That number is up from only 6% planted last week.

I know farmers won't agree with this, as they need to get their seed in the ground, but it could be worse. Parts of New England just saw 1-4" of snowfall yesterday into today, with more expected. 

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