If you're involved in the local dating scene, I have some...interesting news to share with you. According to the Center For Disease Control, there has been a 10% jump in people being diagnosed with various sexually transmitted diseases from 2016-2017. That has the Minnesota Department of Health apparently concerned, as the North Star State has also seen an increase in STDs. In Minnesota, there were around 30,000 cases of STDs reported last year. Additionally, cases of syphilis reported jumped 74 percent over a 5-year span. While this is still a pretty small fraction compared the the overall population, that's still a fair amount of people.

So what's behind the rise in STDs? Officials from the MDH say that lowered condom usage and a lack of resources to meet the number of cases could be a factor. Yikes.

Luckily, Rochester definitely isn't lacking when it comes to medical resources. Remember to stay safe out there!

Source: WCCO

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