I’m going to be doing a little traveling over the next few weeks, so I’m glad I came across this bit of news today. Starting this Friday through July 23rd, Minnesota law enforcement are going to be stepping up their efforts to enforce speeding violations on the roads. This comes after an 18-percent increase in speed-related crashes last year, where 92 people died in fatal accidents. This is also one of the most dangerous times to be driving, as the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been called the “100 Deadliest Days” on the road.

I’ll be honest, I tend to go about 5 miles over the speed limit on most roads, but a large number of drivers say they feel comfortable going 15 mph over the limit. Regardless, Minnesota officers and the Department of Public Safety say that speeders are 60% more likely to be in a car crash.

So the moral of the story? When you speed, you not only put yourself (and others) at risk, but you’re also risking doing some damage to your bank account, too. I’d rather not have to cough up extra cash for an easily avoidable speeding ticket (the costs of which are insane in MN), so I’ll stick to the limit. It seems like Rochester has been having its share of road accidents as it is. Be careful out there!

Source: Star Tribune

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