Look at this beast...when its time to break up the thick ice on the roads, the MnDOT Ice Breaker is just right for the job.

I remember MnDOT Mike (Mike Dougherty) talking about the different tools MnDOT has at its disposal, and how everything has its plusses and minuses. For instance, salt. It is a huge tool in MnDOT's snow/ice fighting. It's great, but it isn't so great for cars and below a certain temperature, it just doesn't work.

Then there's that beauty up there. The Ice Breaker (I think I'd call it the Ice Poker, but I can see why they wouldn't. Family-friendly plows and whatnot). MnDOT describes it this way on their website...

The ice breaker uses a carbide-tipped roller on the front of a snowplow truck and uses its underbody blade and a motor grader following behind to loosen and break up the icy compaction.

When it's needed it's awesome, so much power and tho it is slow going, don't get in its way. I'm lookin' at you, Elsa! But, it could also damage the roadway as it breaks up the ice, so not good everyday.

Gather the kids around and watch it in action. It is really cool.


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