...and just like that, we're back in 1987! The only thing this Appetite era reunion was missing was Izzy Stradlin (who at this point has had zero involvement with this and has announced no plans to join), but I'll settle for Steven Adler. He's such a happy go-lucky guy, and I'm hoping he joins the band for real soon!!

He's done "Out Ta Get Me" and "My Michelle" at a few other shows during the Not In This Lifetime Tour. We've seen him in Nashville, and his home state of Ohio, when he played in Cincinnati. With any luck, and the hope of some additional dates in 2017, perhaps Steven might take on the drum role full time. This show was extra special too, because it brought four original Gunners back to where it all began, in Los Angeles.

This tour isn't hype either. They really are back and tight as ever! I saw them in Pittsburgh, and they were mesmerizing!

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