According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), nearly half of all American adults (46%) say they plan on dressing up for Halloween. Are you going to? If you are, your costume could win you $500 on Saturday during the huge costume contest at Rochester on Tap.

The NRF says witch will be the most popular costume for adults in the United States followed by vampire, ghost, cat, and pirate. Google agrees with number one and says witch outfits are the most-searched costumes in the country this year, but not here in the Rochester, Minnesota area.

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Google has unveiled the most popular costumes of 2021 based on what people have been searching and we can’t figure out Rochester's top searched costume.

Google says the most searched costume in the country is a witch outfit which is pretty basic, but Rochester’s most searched is much more specific – It’s one of the main characters from a 1988 animated Disney movie.



Everyone remembers Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" but do you remember the charming prince?

Prince Eric is the most Googled Halloween costume in the Rochester area. But, why?



Is there a different Prince Eric? Perhaps, there’s another character in a different movie or TV show with the same name. I have two kids and zero free time to watch TV or movies so forgive me if there's another Prince Eric.

For the record, every time I search Prince Eric costumes" I get info on the Little Mermaid. Does anyone know why this is a hot Halloween costume this year? Is there a Little Mermaid reboot in the works? Open our app to chat with us and let us know why you think this is the most searched costume in Rochester.

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