Gojira guitarist Christian Andreu had his face burned during the band’s May 18 set at Sonic Temple. A gust of wind blew fire into Andreu’s face, momentarily stopping Gojira’s main stage performance.

Despite beautiful weather yesterday, fairly strong winds were blowing into MAPFRE Stadium. Loudwire was side stage for the performance, and before playing “Stranded,” Andreu seemed to signal toward a Gojira tech, asking to cut the fire at the front of the stage.

Still, flames over 10 feet tall were blasted upward, visibly burning Andreu’s face at the end of “Stranded.”

Andreu walked off stage, prompting frontman Joe Duplantier to ask, “Did he get burned?” After a few minutes, the guitarist returned to an ovation from the Ohio crowd, his face red from the accident. Like a true legend, Andreu finished the entire set, taking time between songs to cool his face down with water.

Gojira didn’t include any reference of the accident in their Instagram video recap of their set, but you can still see intense bursts of fire.

The inaugural Sonic Temple Festival concludes tonight (May 19) with performance from Foo Fighters and Bring Me the Horizon.

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