There are so many places to grab a good breakfast in Southern Minnesota. But I'm not sure I've seen one as unique as this cafe in Mantorville! There's an old one-room schoolhouse there that's been converted into a really cute breakfast spot.

The place is called Old School Cafe. Only in Your State says that when you step inside "the walls are covered with photos, maps, and other objects that tell the story of the building's former life."

James Rabe with Y-105FM says the Old School Cafe is run by Doug and Linda Schmidt. "He did construction in Rochester, and she worked at Mayo in Rochester. As they were getting closer to retirement, they knew they weren't really going to retire. They needed something else to do." There's more to that story, and James tells it and gives a full review of his visit to the Old School Cafe here.

Only in Your State also mentions that this place is popular amongst locals so there's usually a crowd. They also say that the food is really good so maybe we'll have to go check it out! The menu item that caught my eye is the huge pancakes the size of the plate they're served on.

Old School Cafe is open Wednesday through Sunday, 8 AM till 1 PM.

Check out some photos of the Old School Cafe below:

Old School Cafe


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