I almost always find out about these things way too late; that's why I wanted to spread the word that Minnesotans will be able to see some pretty action in the sky tonight and tomorrow.

According to Thrillist, the Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a G1 geomagnetic storm watch for Wednesday night (November 20th) into early Thursday morning. What does that mean? Long story short, this will cause a stronger than usual chance of the aurora borealis popping up right here in Minnesota. The SWPC goes on to say that the best time to watch will be between 11PM on Wednesday night and 2AM on Thursday morning.

Keep in mind that to get the best view, you'll want to get away from the city lights. To better see that eye-popping green line on the northern horizon, you need clear skies (no trees or buildings blocking the view) under the cover of night. Good luck!

Source: Thrillist

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