My first experience with "Minnesota Nice" was nearly 15-years ago when I moved to the state. I parked the moving truck at my apartment complex and within 5-minutes there were 4 or 5 people asking me if they could help unload my belongings. I was honestly taken aback and didn't know why these strangers were all up in my business.

I quickly learned that's just how Minnesotans are. When we see someone that needs help we offer to help with nothing expected in return.... OK, sometimes we expect a few beers after the project is complete, but never anything more than that.

You'll experience "Minnesota Nice" in towns all across the state. For the most part, Minnesotans are humble, hardworking, and very kind. People hold the door for strangers, help stranded motorists, and shovel for their neighbors.

Minnesota Is The Friendliest State

Happy couple are ready to cleaning car from snow

Minnesota was named the "Friendliest State" by World Population Review.

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Their team said, "The term “Minnesota nice” lives up to its name. Minnesota residents are known for being extra polite, even during the state’s cold, bitter winters. The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are popular tourist destinations known for their residents who go the extra mile to welcome visitors."

The Friendliest Town in Minnesota

Rochester, St. Cloud, and Duluth are all very friendly, but the friendliest of friendly towns is actually located in the Twin Cities area.

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Lakeville, Minnesota named "Friendliest Town" in Minnesota.

Travel Pulse put out a list of the friendliest towns in each state around the country and Lakeville took the top spot here in Minnesota.

Travel Pulse says, "Lakeville is a suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul and is growing. Families are attracted by a plethora of favorable factors – the school districts are top-notch, crime is low, healthcare is terrific, and with a population of 65,000, Lakeville has a per capita income higher than the national average yet actually offers a variety of affordable housing options."

Minnesota’s Longest Drive-Thru Light Show Is In Mankato

The Kiwanis Holiday Light Display is located at Sibley Park in Mankato. The holiday display is free to the public but cash donations are accepted. All money collected is given to area non-profits.


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