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This is no joke, this isn't photoshopped, this is actually something you can see for yourself on Google Maps! There's part of a forest up in northern Minnesota, in Williams, that was cut into the shape of the state of Minnesota. It's so cool, and it's totally hidden up there, I had a really hard time finding it myself.

Finding these little nuggets is so fun, I love knowing about these hidden places around the state. Of course, the only way we can see this is if you're flying above it or with Google Maps.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Apparently, there was a guy working for the Minnesota DNR years ago, according to Only in Your State, who decided to cut this part of the forest into the shape of Minnesota. Ever since then, "the DNR has preserved the shape of the forest as the trees have grown back."

Just to prove to you that I'm not lying, here are the coordinates, copy and paste them into Google Maps yourself and you'll find it! (Make sure you have your map on satellite mode.)

48°33'32.3"N 94°56'00.3"W

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