Five Finger Death Punch are ready to move forward with their career and have one of the biggest obstacles now out of the way. According to Variety, the band has settled their lawsuit with former label Prospect Park and their former manager Jeff Kwatinetz.

“The band Five Finger Death Punch and its label, Prospect Park, have resolved their dispute and differences. The band and the label are excited to announce the release of a greatest hits album with two new songs in December 2017 and the release of a new record next year. The band is very proud of the new record and looks forward to releasing it and playing for its fans,” read a statement on the matter.

The issues initially arose in April 2016 when the label claimed the band was not cooperating with plans for a full-length album and greatest hits collection, while the group claimed they were fully prepared to record and finish out their deal. In May of 2016, the band signed a new deal with Rise Records, which they intended to start with once their deal with Prospect Park was complete.

So now, the band will push forward with new music. The greatest hits album will arrive in December, bolstered with two new songs, while the group has reportedly been working on the next studio album, which will arrive in 2018.

Five Finger Death Punch have continued to tour through all the legal issues and you can look for the band as one of the primary draws at the upcoming Aftershock Festival in Sacramento. Their schedule also includes a late year European trek with In Flames and Of Mice & Men. All of their scheduled shows can be seen here. Meanwhile, the band has been keeping the music coming, recently releasing a lyric video for "Ain't My Last Dance."

Stay tuned for more from Five Finger Death Punch and look for the band moving full steam ahead into 2018.

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