Ever since I turned 30, I’ve shockingly become more of a morning person. Like, I’ll somehow naturally wake up around 6AM and be totally cool with it. It never used to be this way; back in college, getting to an 11AM class on time was always pushing it. Back in high school, I’d sometimes sleep in until 4PM. I’m definitely not social in the morning, but I’m at least more awake than I used to be.

If you’re not a morning person, I came across some techniques you may want to give a try. Or you can just hit the snooze button and sleep in. It’s your call.

  1. Drinking A Glass Of Water

I first heard about this from my brother, and I can confirm that it does seem to work. Apparently, drinking 8-16 ounces of water immediately after getting up will awaken you just as much as a cup of coffee. While it’s not as tasty as that first cup of joe, a big glass of H20 ends up being a good way to hydrate your brain first thing in the morning. Keep a big glass of water by your bed and chug it down like you’re competing at Beerfest.

  1. Do overdo it with coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably know what I’m talking about. 2-5 cups a day is fine, and can have some health benefits. But any more than that can lead to insomnia, heartburn, or in my case, the dreaded coffee headache. (It’s an acquired taste, but I recommend switching to green tea after 11AM)

  1. Don’t check your work e-mail outside of the office

This might be difficult depending on your job, but it can also start your day off on a stressful note. Instead, do something fun, like playing with a pet, or give meditation a try. You’ll end up coming into work much more relaxed.

Want more? Check out the full article here, which explains why exposing yourself to natural light, eating a quality breakfast, and moving around a little can help your mornings be a little less painful.

Source: Star Tribune

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