The City of Rochester announced that their yearly battle to keep crows out of the downtown area will begin today. Their efforts are helping. Mike Nigbur, Park and Forestry Division Head for the Park and Recreation Department says, “Since 2013, there have been fewer and fewer complaints regarding the crow nuisance. Our work has not eliminated the issues, but it has seemed to disperse the crow population where it has become less problematic by comparison of when we started our concentrated efforts in 2012.”

A press release from the city says, "Seasonal, permanent, and periodic management teammates will participate in the activities again this year. Depending on the demand or need, there will be one or two person crews from late afternoon through the completion of a work shift." Don't freak if you hear gunshots because various techniques will be used to combat the crows including: starter pistols, lights, lasers, and airsoft pellets.

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