Plain, sticky, sweet, spicy, hot, and dry-rubbed. Rochester sure does love their chicken wings. No matter what kind you like, almost everyone dips 'em in something. So, are you a ranch or a blue cheese person?

A recent Y-105FM poll said it wasn't even close. 65% prefer blue cheese over the ranch. Even when it was home-made ranch dressing. The other big question used to be bone-in or boneless, but science figured that one out. Bone-in is ALWAYS better because it enhances the taste and does not dry out.;

Today is National Chicken Wing Day and if you're looking to eat wings, here are my Top Five no particular order:

  • Brother's Bar and Grill
  • Grand Rounds
  • Dominoes. Yes...the plain wings, I love 'em. Shut up.
  • Wildwood
  • Pappy's

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