It was so long ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. How about you? I'm talking about CD's. What did you think I was talking about, perv?

The CD or Compact Disc was released 35 years ago and are obviously still used today.

My first one was Def Leppard - Pyromania. Some good tunes on that one. Some others I've had that stick out to me were:

  • Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder - You're not going to find a better live disc. I especially liked the live versions of "Dogs of War" and "Comfortably Numb". This is one I actually borrowed from a friend but I think I had it for well over a year before I returned it. I borrowed quite a few discs from him as I worked at a small radio station in Wisconsin and would play this at night. PF and many others including a lot of hair bands. Good times.
  • Eagles - Greatest Hits 71-75. Every single song on that album was great. IMO
  • Pearl Jam - Ten
  • Pink Floyd - The Wall
  • James Taylor - Greatest Hits - Don't you judge me!
  • Metallica - Ride the Lightning - Another album that does not have a bad song on it.

Of all the CD's I've owned (or borrowed for a very long time) those are the ones that I listened to most. Still do...just not on CD anymore. It's funny, I went to Best Buy one day, shortly after I had gotten a new truck and I bought "Master of Puppets", "And Justice..." and "The Black Album" all on CD. I got out to my truck all excited to listen to them, when I realized I do not have a CD player anymore. So I had to convert them to .wav file and load them on an SD some sort of caveman!

What was YOUR first CD?

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