With Father's Day coming up this weekend, plenty of sons and daughters will be paying tribute to their old man. We'll thank dad for teaching us how to play catch, giving us indispensable life advice, and making our eyes roll into the back of our heads with every hi~larious Dad Joke.

But perhaps the most famous thing fathers are known for is the "more to love" physique known as...the Dad Bod.

That's why Planet Fitness recently commissioned a national study in order to get to the bottom of a very important question for fathers everywhere:

Do ladies find the Dad Bod...sexy?

Let's just say that for the fellas out there who have man boobs that jiggle whenever you brush your teeth, I have some very good news. According to the survey, these were the results:

- 69% of women find Dad Bods attractive (nice)

- 78% of women feel men with Dad Bods are confident in their own skin

- Almost half of women surveyed (47%) believe Dad Bods are the new six-pack!

- 83% of mothers would be proud to have a husband with a Dad Bod.

So to the Dads of Rochester, don't hold back on that extra helping of red meat over the weekend. You've earned it! And maybe try wearing a t-shirt that's one size too small around the house. Let that belly just hang out. It'll drive your lady wild!

Source: PR Newswire

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