When they hand you a ticket instead of a warning, here's why: you deserve it. Sorry, not sorry. Even though it may seem like it at times, officers do not have a certain number of tickets they have to write up.

Believe it or not, it is illegal to have a "quota" in Minnesota. According to Ask a Trooper: "Quotas are prohibited in Minnesota for any law enforcement agency." State law reads: “A law enforcement agency may not order, mandate, require, or suggest to a peace officer a quota for the issuance of traffic citations, including administrative citations, on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.”

I had a bad string of traffic violations back in my twenties (I can say that now that I'm 30, right?). I was driving fast and taking chances. Now I'm that girl that will take your phone out of your hand if you're driving, and I'll drive you home or call an Uber if you've had too many drinks. At my ripe old age, I've realized that life is simply too short, and it's not worth it.

Sorry for getting all sappy there. But in all seriousness, be safe out there my friends!

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