Minnesota may be the State of Hockey, but Disney isn't heading to the North Star State to shoot its new 'Mighty Ducks' series.

When it comes to famous movies that featured Minnesota, Disney's classic movie, The Mighty Ducks, is right up there with the Land of 10,000 Lakes' most famous movie: Grumpy Old Men, which was set in Wabasha.

The original Mighty Ducks movie is a close second, because the 1992 film starring Emilio Estevez, was all about Minnesota. "A self-centered Minnesota lawyer is sentenced to community service coaching a ragtag youth hockey team," is how IMDB sums up the plot. The Minnesota-based series was so successful, it spawned two sequels, an animated series and even lead to the creation of the NHL's Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

And much like Grumpy Old Men, the original Mighty Ducks movie was filmed here in Minnesota, too. (Grumpy Old Men, though set in Wabasha, was actually filmed in other parts of Minnesota, like St. Paul and Lake Rebecca, in Rockford, northwest of the Twin Cities.)

But that's where the similarities to the new Disney series, 'The Mighty Ducks' ends. Sure, the new, a 10-episode series is set to hit Disney+ later this year. Sure, it's still set in Minnesota. And, yes, Emilio Estevez is coming back.  But it WON'T be filmed here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes like the movie was.

According to this TV Guide story, the new Mighty Ducks series is actually being shot on location in Vancouver, Canada. What?!? Where are those shots of the Mall of America or the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis going to come from?!? We're getting shafted, Minnesota!

Apparently the tax breaks offered in the Great White North make it much more attractive for movie and TV producers to head north of the border. And, the new Mighty Ducks series isn't the first one to be set in Minnesota without actually being filmed here, though. Much of the TV series, Fargo, while also set in Minnesota, was actually shot up in Canada, as well.

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