It's sad - but the "guest" did plead guilty.

If you're thinking this incident occured during Superbowl weekend, it didn't.

Go MN reports, "A man who rented a spare room at a Minnetonka home through Airbnb tried to sexually assault his host's 7-year-old daughter. Derrick Kinchen, of Michigan, pleaded guilty in court on Monday to a crime he claims he can't remember after drinking heavily on the night in question."

Apparently, the father caught Kinchen in the act and Kinchen fled that evening.

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Justice has a funny way of being served - when the guest fled, he hid in a nearby boat. Go MN explained that he was "bitten awake by a police dog" shortly after.

While this case appears to be closed, it certainly raises some questions in my mind.

Should we be opening our home to strangers? Should Airbnb develop rules detailing previously agreed upon guest behavior? Is the 7-year-old okay?

There's so many questions we could ask. My opinion; stay guarded, always.

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