Imagine that you were asked to come up with 30 adjectives that best describes living in Rochester, Minnesota.

Try to think of a few right now, if you can.


Now, I’m no psychic or anything, but I’m guessing that “affordable” didn’t even cross your mind. At least it didn’t for me.

I bring this up because the website Go Banking Rates just put together a list of American cities in every state where your paycheck stretches the furthest. And according to this list, Rochester is somehow the most affordable city in Minnesota. Huh.

Let’s dig into this for a sec. This list took the three largest cities in Minnesota, then looked at factors like median household income, homeowner costs, median gross rent, and cost of living. So I guess it makes sense that Rochester is more affordable than the Twin Cities, but still.

When I moved here from Minneapolis a year ago, I expected that I’d be saving a ton of money on stuff like rent and cost of living. NOPE! The Med City is probably more affordable than the Twin Cities, but I've also never felt like I can go hog wild on payday, either. Is that just me?

You can check out the full list here (interesting to see that Green Bay, WI makes the Top 10). I'm going with "agree to disagree" on this one.

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