Dave Grohl isn't one to sit idly by. Indeed, not even as the live music industry begins to slow down as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So the longtime Foo Fighters frontman and iconic Nirvana member has devised a plan to continue entertaining while under self-quarantine.

But it won't be the type of output fans are used to from Grohl. Instead of sharing music, the performer will instead be sharing "true short stories" via a newly created Instagram account. On Tuesday (March 24), Grohl revealed Dave's True Stories via the photo and video-sharing social networking service.

"I'm currently working for work, so I thought I'd pass the time by writing true short stories that will make people smile," the musician explained. (He added that he's "also a total fucking spaz who can't sit around doing nothing.") But don't dock Grohl for any linguistic errors in the forthcoming tales.

"My mother was a brilliant English teacher, my father a wicked speechwriter, so I decided to rebel by not paying attention to grammar and/or punctuation in school. (That, and cranking death metal 24/7 from my bedroom stereo.) So…have mercy. Not going for a Nobel Prize in Literature here," he continued.

The development comes after Foo Fighters postponed half of their 25th Anniversary "Van Tour" in light of current events. The band also recently completed a new album — one in which Grohl says the group was taunted by ghosts while recording. But, this week, the frontman punctuated his announcement with an important message.

"Wash your fucking hands."

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