The rumors are true, this popular downtown bar and grill is closing...

Legends Bar and Grill could close as early as May.

The building that houses the bar is leased to Jeff Fieseler. Fieseler has negotiated with the city to extend his lease through May 31. The future of Legends after that date depends on progress of a DMC project, the riverfront development.

"The City is intending to sell the property to Bloom International Realty as part of the proposed $200-million riverfront redevelopment project," according to a story from the Med City Beat.

Fieseler, however, in an interview with Med City Beat says he has something else planned - a new business concept. He didn't give more details than that, but said it'll be a "completely unique" experience for Rochester.

This announcement comes right on the heels of the recent demolition of CJ's Midtown Lounge, which was torn down to make way for another downtown development project.


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